RPS Zine Library Jam: cosmology of characters

A happy afternoon spent with rick lucey, louis morton, L. and I at a workshop at the Rock Paper Scissors Collective Zine Library Jam.


  • Jam together or do your own thing!
  • Materials are cheap, cheap, cheap: taped-together 11×17 laser paper and the cheapiest cheap fat markers.
  • Play some chill music.
  • Thou shalt have FUN.

rps zine library workshop

This cosmology found its home in the bathroom of the Rock Paper Scissors Collective:

rps crazy character zine workshop

rps crazy character zine workshop

rps crazy character zine workshop

There was a Vermi worm composting workshop going on before our eyes which definitely influenced what we drew:

rps crazy character zine workshop

We were bouncing ideas off of each other, but we plumbed the depths of Rick Lucey’s sketchbook for much of the inspiration. he’s a character-drawing machine!

we were inspired by rick's sketchbook

the beginning is always an intimidating blank slate.

the beginning

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